Get 3 FREE Gifts when you buy a Wintec

This November and December we’ve got a fantastic offer for those of you looking for a new saddle.

Purchase any Wintec saddle from Puddys (in store or online) and you get THREE FREE gifts directly from Wintec.

Once you buy your saddle simply visit the Wintec website and choose your THREE gifts from a huge selection including:
Wintec Girths:
Wintec Anatomic Girth
Wintec Pro Chafeless Elastic Girth
Wintec Chafeless Elastic Girth
Wintec Elastic Girth

Wintec Stirrup Straps and Webbers:
Wintec Pro II Webbers
Wintec Webbers
Wintec Slimline Heavy Duty Stirrup Straps

Wintec Bridleware:
Wintec Bridle
Wintec Bridle with Flash
Wintec Equi-Leather Grip Reins
Wintec Rubber Grip Reins
Wintec Running Martingale
Wintec Standing Martingale

Wintec Accessories:
Wintec Comfort Pads
Wintec Half Riser Comfort Pads
Wintec Saddle Bag (not recommended for adult Wintec Pro Stock saddles)
Wintec Saddle Cleaner
Wintec Steady Grip

This is a great offer – to learn more and browse our Wintec Saddles click here Buy Wintec Saddles »


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