How to solve your horse fly problem…

As if keeping your horses, happy, healthy and safe wasn’t hard enough – the summer months are even trickier.

Sure, there are a lot more daylight hours and far drier weather (hopefully) so we can all get out riding more, but the summer months bring with it a far more annoying aspect. Flies.

Flies really are a complete annoyance, especially to our poor old horses and there is a limit of how we can effectively deal with this particular problem.

At Puddys saddlery we are acutely aware of the issue, not only from the horses we go an fit saddles for, but we have some horse paddocks right opposite the shop and we see first had when it’s ‘fly season’.

This year we’ve doubled down on our ‘fly protection’ range – we now have a great selection of Fly Rugs, Fly Masks and in-store we have a huge range of Fly and bug repellent sprays and gels specifically formulated for your horse!

Special offers on fly and bug horse protection

This summer we’ve decided to make it easier to protect your horse from the bother of these biting flying little bugs.

If you buy a full price fly rug from Puddys then you can get a fly mask for HALF PRICE!

This offer is available online and in-store while stocks last.


If you don’t need a rug you can purchase a Fly mask and get 20% off of our range of fly & bug repellent sprays and gels from our range.
This offer is available in-store while stocks last.

If you need any help or advice to choose the right rug or mask for your horse then please pop in and see us, give us a call or send us an email we’ll be happy to advise you on suitable products.

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