Come and visit our saddlery for expert advice…

We pride ourselves on being one of the best and well stocked saddlery and equestrian supply shops in Bath and even in Somerset. We often have customers making a special journey to us because of our range of items in store and our great prices!

At CJ Puddy saddlery, we stock all the top and up-coming brands that provide the best products for your horse at very competitive prices. Some of the brands we stock include:

Our saddlery shop just outside of Bath, is a treasure trove of horse related goodies, from great adult and child clothing to grooming accessories for you horse.. we have it all

No better place for saddles and advice

Chris Puddy is a fully qualified Master Saddlery with decades of experience. Whether you are buying a new saddle, a replacement saddle or you need repairs or simply some advice from a very experienced saddler, then Chrius (and his team) will be able to help you choose the right saddle, test it to make sure its right for you and fit it professional for you and your horse.

Our personal service is one of the reasons we remain Bath’s number one choice for saddles.

If you’ve never been before we’re easy to find just outside of Bath, in Marksbury we have plenty of free parking and we’d love to meet you and discuss your horses and your needs.


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