New Horse rugs and fleeces now in store and online

One of our more popular items in store and online are Horse Rugs – we always get plenty of phone calls and emails asking about availability. we always try to keep them in stock.

What is a horse Rug

A Horse Rug (sometimes called a Horse Blanket) is, for all intents and purposes, a jacket or coat for your horse.
The purpose of a horse rug is to keep your horse warm when the weather is colder or the weather decides (as it frquently does) to take a turn for the worse. They are often used when horses are exposed to the wind and other elements on a regular basis.

If you’re a horse owner – chances are you have a horse rug at your disposal.

We keep a great range in store and offer a large number of these in our online store – check out our range of Horse Rugs here

Buy Horse rugs online

While horse rugs are generally the same there are difference in weight (thickness) you may buy a thicker one in the winter and a lighter one for summer. They also, like clothes, change styles every season.

We’ve recently got the new Weatherbeeta Fleece Cooler with Circle print in store and to order online.
The fleece cooler is perfect for cooling your horse down after exercise or to wear while travelling.
These tend to sell quickly so grab one while you can.
Horse rugs and fleeces for sale at Puddys


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