Black Friday horse deals

This year seems to have gone pretty fast – although I’m sure we say that every year!

Something else that happens every year is our ‘Annual Discount Day’ or as it’s more commonly known in the current vernacular ‘Black Friday’!

The year we’re holding our Black Friday Christmas Discount event on December 1st 2017 – it’s a Friday (hence the Black Friday bit), and we’re open form 9:30am right up until 8pm – giving everyone, even those who work, a chance to come and browse our store and grab themselevs a free mince pie or chocolate brownie!

Almost everything will have 20% Off (the only items not included are our services, saddle fitting, repair etc., and the saddles themselves!)

That’s 20% OFF EVERYTHING – just for one day!

Our shopping event is always very popular, every year is extremely busy, and judging by how many people have been enquiring about it already this year could be the busiest ever!

If you’re following us on Facebook (and if not, why not?), then please click the event and tell us you’re coming.. we need to make enough mince pies and brownies for you all!

If you can come along please do.. we look forward to seeing you!


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